We’re excited to share that we can now help more people get stronger through our partnership with The Forem. 

The Forem’s powerful L&D management platform offers scalable infrastructure for live cohort training, allowing for up to 200 employees per cohort. Plus, consolidated communication and community building opportunities can now be built into training, alongside a variety of additional benefits, including:

  • Automated “nudges” pre- and post-program to practice learned frameworks in real life
  • A Networking Hub and recommendation engine to encourage alliances and strengthen company culture
  • A Mentor Hub and scheduling tool for 1:1 coaching sessions 
  • A Career Dashboard to help employees track achievements, align with stakeholders, and strategize goals
  • In-depth reporting on attendance, engagement, NPS, career sentiment, and more…

“The Forem is the gold standard in tech for L&D, and as a result, we’ll continue to consolidate training on their platform”
Candice Hawkins, Global Head of L&D at Yahoo

Together, we’re supporting a vibrant community of peer learners as we help them get stronger in work and in life.

Team Strong