You can’t grow if you don’t know!

 For managers, leaders and entrepreneurs – one quality trumps all: self-awareness. But, it’s not always easy to “see” yourself clearly and understand the whats/whys/hows of your values, style and behavior. That’s where assessments come in – frameworks and tools that can help you get on the fast track to knowing yourself more deeply. Below is a curated list of our favorite assessments, each with its own special flavor.

With each, you have the option of purchasing the assessment alone, or with a 30-minute personalized debrief with one of our credentialed coaches.


DiSC is a simple but powerful framework that helps us understand our own (and others’) preferences and styles. Workplace is a great place to start, and there are other choices that will help in more specific contexts.
DiSC Workplace is an in-depth self-discovery tool that helps us understand our own work style preferences, those of others and learn strategies for successful interactions.


DiSC Work of Leaders identifies one’s leadership style, personal insights around our leadership strengths and challenges and a clear plan for optimization around setting a vision, creating alignment and championing execution.

DiSC for Managers provides insights into one’s personal management style and how to successfully engage, motivate, and develop their people.
DiSC for Sales provides salespeople with a clear view into their own sales style, how to recognize the buying styles of customers and how to adapt to customers’ preferences and expectations for a better chance of closing the deal.


The DiSC Productive Conflict assessment develops our self awareness around our reactions to conflict, the impact different conflict responses have on others and helps to transform destructive behavior into productive responses.
DiSC AgileEQ helps individuals discover their emotional intelligence strengths, recognize their EQ potential and commit to customized strategies for building workplace agility.



Here’s a few others that can give you valuable insight into your behavior, style and preferences. 

The EQ-i 2.0® is an introductory exploration of how individuals perceive and express themselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in the workplace.
The Genos Emotional Intelligence assessment measures how often individuals display emotionally intelligent workplace behavior that underlie success. This model was specifically developed for developing EQ in the workplace.