We’re excited to announce the latest recipients of the Strong Training & Coaching BIPOC Scholarship! The response continues to grow and we were overwhelmed by the impressive experiences and goals of the applicants. The selection process was highly competitive, but after careful consideration, we’re delighted to welcome a group of exceptional individuals who stood out for their commitment, passion, and potential. We’re confident that each of the recipients will make a significant impact in their respective fields!

Meet our latest recipients:

Ibn Wallace // Hills Pet Nutrition
Gayatri Guhanarayan // Horizon Media
Justine Dharni // M Booth
Braden Lee  // Colle McVoy
Noomi Grootens // Marina Maher Communications
Kaia Kim // Craft Worldwide
Sheryl San Luis // McCann Health Managed Markets
Denise Fuel // Code Worldwide
Brenda Choi //  Indegene

It’s an honor to support these amazing individuals and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do in the years to come!. To learn more about our current and future offerings click here.

Here’s to all of us getting stronger!